Gutter cleaning: how often do you need it?

Gutter cleaning: how often do you need it?

Gutters are frequently neglected when it comes to house upkeep. They’re hidden away, out of our line of vision, and so they tend to go unnoticed (intentional or not). In this post, we’ll address the question of how often you should clean your gutters. Keep reading to ensure that your gutters are properly maintained.

Why is gutter cleaning necessary?

Gutters allow rainwater to flow down the pipe and into the drain below. Water can accumulate if a gutter is clogged with leaves and debris, much as it would in a river or canal. Overflowing water can cause erosion or mould and mildew formation if it is not swiftly dealt with. This may not only be an external eyesore, but it can also damage your home’s interior. There is also the potential for flooding if a leak develops around a window or door.

When should gutters be cleaned?

But what can you do if your gutters are clogged? How can you avoid the problems outlined above? The best solution is to keep your gutters clean and clear.
We aren’t telling you to check your gutters on a weekly basis. We recommend cleaning your gutters once every year or two, depending on where your home is located.
Your gutters will only need cleaning once a year if you live in an area with few trees. However, if you have a lot of trees in your garden or live in the lovely countryside, we recommend cleaning them once every six months. This is because your gutter will have gathered more leaves and debris.

What causes debris to get trapped in your gutters?

Leaves are blown from the trees, but animals may also lay or drop them there. Birds frequently use sticks and twigs to construct a nest and these may get stuck in your gutters. Squirrels are notorious for collecting anything that comes their way, and they may frequently misplace whatever it is they’re carrying.
Gutters located on a lower level than the rest of the home, on the other hand, may generally accumulate the majority of the water and debris. This is the situation in which you should check your home more frequently than others.
We also recommend that you check your gutters for any maintenance while cleaning them. It’s a task that happens only once or twice a year, so it’s well worth doing to get two tasks done in one shot. If you don’t want to clean yourself, you may always engage the gutter cleaning services of a professional in London.
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