Rope Access Services London

Rope Access Services London

A Guide To The Different Types Of Ropes And Their Uses

Even after being the most common tool used, people are usually ignorant about ropes. When you think about rope, a general yellow-brown twisted string comes to mind, but in reality, there are many different kinds of ropes with their unique purposes. So now when you might want to buy rope, do some research on what type would suit your purpose the best.


The list starts strong with the strongest type of rope access in London, there is. Kevlar is heat, water, chemical, and rust-resistant and has amazing tensile strength. It can be used in construction and other professional or high-safety uses. The only downside of Kevlar is its low compression resistibility and if these are all the features you want in a rope, Kevlar is for you.


Do you want to go out camping, or start a gym? Well, then this is made for you. This type of rope is perfect for wet conditions and can even float on water. It can be stretched relatively easier and has a very low resistance to heat. This type is commonly used in marine operations or for exercising.

Manila; The Tug Of War Rope

This rope is highly flexible and durable and is heat resistant. This is the prettiest rope out of them all so if you have an eye for pretty things, you might want to look at his. Manila is usually used for decorations, crafts, exercising, or, of course, tug-of-war.

Rope Access Services London

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