Rope access and abseiling services in London

Rope access and abseiling services in London

Rope access and abseiling services in London allow for a cheaper, safer, and more efficient alternative to methods such as scaffolding. Ropewox are a premier abseiling company in London and we provide a range of different services to clients. Count on our rope access technicians when you need:

Building Maintenance and Repair
Are you having problems with your building such as leaks, bricks coming loose, or roof damage? If so, then our technicians can take a look and repair the problem in a flash. Our maintenance services are available to local authorities, property management agencies, and private landlords.

Painting services and repairs
Concrete repairs
Loose masonry removal
Roof maintenance and repair

Whether you’re looking to repaint walls or remove graffiti, the rope access technicians at Ropeworx can be trusted to get the job done in a safe and reliable way.

Brickwork painting
Masonry painting
Roof painting and waterproofing
Steel painting
Graffiti removal

Building Surveying
We provide complete building surveying services including drafting, photographic recording, concrete inspections, and boroscope services.

Defects survey
Analytical reports
Photographic recording
Concrete inspection
Boroscope Inspection

Ropeworx abseiling service London is there to keep even the hardest to reach places of a building clean. We are able to reach the highest windows, rooftops, and any other area that would be difficult to access and clean by yourself.

Window cleaning
Aluminum cladding cleaning
Conservatory cleaning
High-pressure cleaning
Brick and masonry cleaning
Bird fouling cleaning
Retail sign cleaning
End of contract builders cleaning

Bird Spikes
Is your building under constant assault by birds? They are known to use the roofs and windows of buildings as homes and it leads to a lot of filth. If that has happened to you then count on us to install bird spikes to keep pigeons and crows away from your building.

Bird spike installation
Roof spikes
Balustrade spike
High-rise bird spike maintenance

If the roof of your building is leaking then we’ve got the right solution for the job. Our abseiling technicians will be able to waterproof your window, roof, and other hard to reach places.

Window and roof waterproofing
Office waterproofing
Home waterproofing
Loft waterproofing

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