RopeWorx is your one-stop shop for all rope access services in London and Home Counties.

Rope access has been developed over the last 25 years as a means of access for work in all sectors including building industry. Rope access equipment is lightweight and able to be installed and removed in rapid time, which offers greater flexibility and speed. The primary objective when using rope access methods is to plan, manage and carry out the work with minimal accidents, incidents or dangerous occurrences.


We offer a broad range of abseiling services for Churches, Schools, offices, Shops, Hotels, Apartment Buildings and more. No matter the height of your building, we can clean it, repair it and more…

All work is Fully Guaranteed.

For any further information call us on 0203 880 6116, or request your online quote here.

Call today and we will have your inspection booked within 3~5 business days. Once you have scheduled service with us we will send an experienced abseiling team of 2 or more. We can provide free picture reports on request and our rope access service is always guaranteed. We are proud of our 100% safety record. All our employees are checked by the Criminal Records Bureau as many local Schools, Churches and Banks have trusted us to carry out their roof maintenance. Apart from being IRATA and SPRAT trained all our employees to have Working At Height and Ladder Safety certificates. We carry £5 million Workers Compensation and £5 million Public Liability insurance.

What are the benefits of Rope Access?

Versatile: we are able to access any part of your structure in a safe and efficient manner. Among others, Rope Access can be applied safely to narrow gangways, high rises, and unusual building types.

Cost Efficient: Utilizing less manpower, time, scaffolding and heavy machinery allows us to offer you services at a lower price than traditional access methods.

Fast: Rope Access allows us the ability to gain access to any part of your building using minimal time, space, and equipment. This keeps overall job time down, contributing to cost efficiency

Minimal environmental impact: Our specialized ropes, techniques, and equipment allow to finish your job with the most minimal of environmental impacts. We keep noise, exhaust fumes, and heavy machinery to a minimum to keep your clients and neighbours going about their day.

TIP: Rope Access becomes most effective when the cost to access an area is disproportionate to the amount of work that has to be carried out. Rapid deployment means systems can be installed and dismantled very quickly reducing downtime. Minimal disruption to building occupants, pedestrians, and traffic flow. Projects often require less personnel and less equipment creating resulting in few costs and quicker completion times.

• For any further information call us on 0203 880 6116, or request your online quote here.

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    Our Customers Say

    James Olivier

    South Kensington, London

    “On time, courteous, very diligent in their work! We had not had our gutters cleaned in quite some time and the Rope Worx crew really took their time to ensure the job was done right. I would recommend them to my family, friends, and neighbors!”

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    Luke McKee

    Soho, London

    “’Excellent service and reasonable prices. They took digital pictures of repairs made on the second floor so that we could see the repairs up close. I will certainly use them again!”

    Zrzut ekranu 2017-05-18 o 10.25.51

    Helen Perry

    Camden Town, London

    “Friendly, professional, informative and had a better price point than their competition. I will use them again.”

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